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Volunteers B & S 

A Non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Dr. Mayra Apolo-Nichols and her brother started this organization with idea that they could take vet students back to their home country of Peru and provide free veterinary care for stray and owned animals alike while providing vet students with hands on experience under guided supervision. Making 2-3 campaign trips a year for 2 weeks to a month each time. They spay and neuter dogs and cats at little to no cost to the owners. Peru, like many other countries, harbors many stray animals that reproduce uncontrollably and suffer living meal to meal from trash in the streets. Volunteer B&S feels that by providing a healthy and population controlled environment for the animals they are providing a healthier environment for the people of Peru too. 


More information can find them on Facebook or Volunteerbs.com 

100% of the donations are spent on medical treatments and food for the animals in Peru during the campaigns.   

Peru 2019 


Spay and Neuter campaign in a hospital 30min outside of Lima.

We will Spay and Neuter stray & owned cats and dogs 5 to 6 days of each week. Each student will preform 1-3 surgeries a day under the supervision of a licensed vet during the day. The Evenings are filled with dining out in Lima and events of the groups choice. Evenings include activities such as shopping, site seeing, drinks at the bar, and or many other options. Time will be made in the trip for visiting Machu Picchu (additional cost of $500 for travel cost), swimming with sea lion (no additional cost) and other event options upon request.  

Students: $2,000 USD

Vets pay own travel cost, rooms are payed for by Volunteers.  


Peru 2020


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Peru 2020


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